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We are Protectors of Eorzea. Protectors of Eorzea is a Free Company in Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn, located on the server Exodus. We do not define ourselves to any particular guild stereotype, (hardcore, casual, elitist, etc.) We are simply a group of players with a love for FF XIV, wishing to build a strong community full of players who simply enjoy playing the game not only alone, but together.

Our goal is to provide a brotherhood of players willing to push end-game content while working together to help every players meet their needs. Every member in our guild provides a unique role. Whether it's crafting armor for the warriors on the front lines, playing the market to boost our pockets, helping lower players achieve high level content, pushing high level content as a team, answering new players questions, or even recruiting more members throughout their travels. In Protectors of Eorzea, there is always a role to be filled.

So what role will you fill? Join us, and your traits will not go unnoticed.
Join us, and become a Protector.
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